This lesson provide an insight of the transition elements known as d blocks. These series of the transition elements are displayed in Learn some cool and crazy techniques to remember p block reactions. Which is your favourite element? Elements in the s- are in the first two periodic table groups. These elements are called transition elements as they show transitional properties between s and p-block elements. As we will study the properties of all these one by one in this chapter will be able to know about the great importance and applications of these elements. Whereas the inner core electronic configuration may differ. So you want to remember that p orbitals looks something like what I have drawn here where they have 3 different orientations and space you can have px, py and pz right and that means that maximally you can have 6 electrons in your p orbitals. They both are p block elements and are equally important. You can use mnemonics to do so. DONT! in grade 12 right now and i haven't even touched it even once. tricks to remember d and f block elements in english. valence (outermost) electrons are in the p orbital. Be sure to include opening and closing