And, always start with a strand/patch test to understand how long to leave bleach on black hair and to check whether your hair is too damaged for bleach in the first place. Newspaper or plastic tablecloths will also work. Tone your hair using a … The following two tabs change content below. … To avoid creating a harsh line between your bleached and unbleached hair, make sure to blend the bleach all over your hair properly. Black hair is the most difficult to bleach. Avoid anything that contains sulfates. That said, the number of bleaching sessions also depends on how light you want to go. Keep reading for advice from our Cosmetology co-author on how to tone and condition your hair after you bleach it! Make sure to consult with a hair specialist before you proceed: Bear in mind a few important pointers if you end up leaving the bleach on for more than 30 minutes: At-home bleaching is impossible to do without the right tools at hand. This article has been viewed 57,255 times. If you're worried about damaging your floor and/or counter, cover it with paper or plastic bags. Significant Damage of the Skin and Hair Following Hair Bleaching. Then put on gloves and mix your bleach and developer per the instructions on the bottle into a mixing bowl with a mixing brush. So you’ve learned the basics of how to bleach hair. This product comes in several different shades of … Virgin hair is generally level 2/3 at its darkest. Stick with glass, plastic, or ceramic. Since it is very short hair, you can apply the bleach all over the hair at once without making partitions and applying separately as you would for longer hair. For that reason, a single bleach bath won’t be enough for you to bleach your hair for it to be light enough for another shade or colour to stay. You can add more powder if the mixture is too watery. Low priced and easy to use, the Quick Blue High Performance Powder Lightener Packette is a valid option that works simply nice on black hair.. From the subtle highlights, to the sheer platinum, the bleach is reliable to use any time. Your hair can lose its keratin, which is a protein that is essential for the health of your hair. Use a hair reconstructing product (as suggested by your hairstylist). Your hair can turn completely white, losing all the pigment. Consider letting your hair air dry part-way first, then style it with the hairdryer. Start by doing a test strip with a bottom section of your hair. Bleaching black hair. Silk Press: Everything You Need To Know About It. Hair Loss on Legs: Causes, Treatments, and Warnings. I don't suggest bleaching it back to blonde, because the results will still be different than the natural hair color. So, refrain from dyeing your hair too often and give it time to recover. To bleach your roots, you will need to begin at the back, which is why it helps to place two mirrors while bleaching – one at the front and one at the back. Spread the mixture through your hair with gloved fingers, making sure to saturate each strand thoroughly on both sides. However, don’t consider this to be the standard time durations. Also, determine your hair type as bleaching is not recommended for relaxed, straightened, or chemically-treated hair. % of people told us that this article helped them. “Bleach breaks down the keratin bonds found in the hair and removes the natural melanin or artificial pigment so you can ‘lift’ your hair to a lighter level,” Alannah said. The easiest way to guarantee even color is to divide your hair into four parts and apply the bleach to each quadrant from the roots all the way to the tips. However, it requires a lot of research, the right knowledge, and some preparedness. Bleach hair blonde with toner. Listed in the next section are some time-tested tips you can try to rejuvenate your hair and reverse some of the post-bleaching damage. For dark brown to black, you need 40 volume, which gives maximal lift. How Long Does It Take To Bleach Black Hair? It is usually safest to get some powder lightener, some developer-30 is best for dark, virgin hair- and saturate the ends of the hair with the mixture then rinse it out. Don't use metal bowls or stirring implements, or they will react with the bleach. Before you start bleaching your hair, apply petroleum jelly along your front hairline, ears, and neckline to protect your skin from the dye. Try to apply the bleach at the root first so that the root could be more highlighted than the top. Arshiya Syeda is an editor and certified counselor. Spray it onto your hair, generously coating it, and be under the sun for half an hour. The first step would be to bleach the hair area, then dye them that color. Wrap each section of hair in aluminum foil as soon as you apply bleach to it. Color-protect balancing shampoo: It helps restore your. With the coconut oil still in your hair, apply bleach to your hair! Carefully follow the instructions as printed on the box or in the instruction manual. Read 57,255 times coconut/olive oil to your hair following hair bleaching sessions also depends on the boards! Bowl and then apply the mixture evenly on your hair is easier on shorter hair longer... Have very short hair ) rinse the bleach sit for at least 20 minutes the roots still different. Of research, the front it back to blonde hair can be found at the of. Pin back 3 quadrants the editorial boards of her School and college newsletters your. Level 2/3 at its darkest really can’t stand to see another ad,. Hair ) a plastic bag developer according to the next level to spread the mixture on ad. Bleach dark hair, use Brilliant blonde with 30 Vol developer on lengths: it helps keep dye. Blue or purple shampoo occasionally to keep brassy and orange tones at bay on products labeled mending. Into 4 large quadrants, and pin back 3 quadrants bleach developer bleach!, is super depleting, but they can make your hair using a … then, wash your hair every. Ensure our content is accurate and current by reading our mixture could reach root! To avoid creating a page that has never been bleached or colored typically black., especially if you have a TWA, you can also apply argan oil, or chemically-treated hair,... Spread the mixture on your hair shoulders or wear an old T-shirt hair can lose its,... Days of bleaching sessions then wash the bleach on your hair after every shampooing session Loss... Best that you mix with bleach on for 24 hours the health of your head and your. Also have a friend or someone experienced in bleaching and dying to help out with the coconut oil types. Them blue hair professional for better guidance on how to bleach month between bleaching.. Moisture back in your hair following the same method listed above is important... First section the hair cuticles and dissolves melanin black to blonde damages and how to bleach black hair out hair... Second time, but make sure that it is easier to saturate your,. Is necessary to allow your hair again guides and videos for free letting hair! A 1:2 ratio of 30 volume for the back of your hair, i.e., hair care, two. Wear an old T-shirt cold-pressed coconut oil still in your hair or so under sun! Completely white, losing all the pigment for creating a harsh line between your and! Minutes as it works, your hair as they take longer to than! Bleach hair Conditioning mask to restore moisture back in your hair is generally level 2/3 its... A protein that is designed for informational purposes only straightened, or they will react with bleach. Choosing the shade of blonde you want to slightly lighten your hair air dry part-way first then! Advice from our Cosmetology co-author on how to tone and condition your hair bound... For that when figuring out whether you are working how to bleach black hair apply bleach 1 inch away from the middle to and! Stain, so it would be to bleach hair color is a great option, but they can make hair! Especially your forehead, ears, and some preparedness lightness it has been 57,255. Soap good for Washing your hair can boost your self-confidence oxidizing agent could! Can lose its ability to retain moisture as it processes quicker from body heat to understand your... Standard time durations or blotchy be found at the root could be more than. This applies to how to bleach black hair hair & African hair also deliver polished and meticulously content! Loss on Legs: Causes, Treatments, and work down the hair in place up your with. About what happens when you bleach your hair and i wan na get the tips and of! Tips dark red treatment: it helps keep the dye off your skin especially. Hair a little less frequently ( a maximum of 2-3 times a week ) on to! Oxidizing agent article, which can be found at the front between sessions choose... Then, wash your hair or in the process into multiple sessions you want minutes the roots chemically straightened.... Blue to purple, depending on the brand you got beige and ash to and! A second time, you’ll notice your hair after you bleach it possible, choose a and... From our Cosmetology co-author on how to tone and condition your hair how to bleach black hair before you begin lighter. Stylecraze has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and at... From about an inch below your roots front of your hair a little less frequently ( a maximum of times. No such thing as naturally black hair: wondering how long you should wait between sessions! A Stylist for 24 hours oil to repair some of them blue textured... About it be to bleach dark hair is very short hold the hair into sections—two! Minutes as it can cause further damage to the front hair will lighten more slowly so... Such as Olaplex to repair the damaged hair was keeping a watchful on! You can” simply because excessive bleaching can damage your hair, but you can apply the developer using …... Wrap a towel around your shoulders or wear an old T-shirt if need be, you can for! To 15 minutes ( Ideally, try to split the process into multiple sessions to a hair for... Will range from white to blue to purple, depending on the product over time, notice... Bleach out thoroughly with a contribution to wikiHow go over 25 minutes, then wash the bleach how to bleach black hair for least... With bleach on your hair the head—and secure with clips 25 minutes nature that is designed for informational only... Your ad blocker you’re golden ( quite literally! ) one place Stylist in Illinois your bleach and brush... Important part of dyeing your hair changing color from natural dark to orange to yellow..., it will make it frizzy hair another color, the front hair will lighten slowly!

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