House Reef diving: Most pre-paid unlimited daily dive packs in the Maldives are sold on the basis of diving from the island's house reef. For best overall visibility underwater, calmer seas and clear blue skies, head to the Maldives between December and April, arguably the best time to dive in the Maldives. 10 Best Dive Sites in Maldives Where to Go Scuba Diving in Maldives. The Maldives have a tropical climate, and water temperatures range from 80 to 86 degrees year-round, making the diving good nearly any time of year. The Maldives are renowned for having calm, gin-clear waters with outstanding visibility and pleasantly warm temperatures, making them one of the best places in the world for snorkeling and scuba diving. When to dive in the Maldives. December to May is the dry season and this is when currents pick up, improving visibility and bringing in the larger pelagic marine life. Visibility is very good, and it is the driest and warmest period. BEST DIVES CENTARA RAS FUSHI IS OPERATING AT CENTARA RAS FUSHI RESORT & SPA MALDIVES. Dive site: Emboodhoo Canyon This site looks like there is a large chunk of rock to have fallen out of the reef leaving a vast canyon at 50 meters long with caves and overhangs. With an incredible abundance of marine life and crystal clear waters it has attracted divers from all over the world. The main attraction for diving in the Maldives is swimming with the variety of sharks, the whale sharks, grey reef sharks, and eagle rays along with the manta rays.Spinner dolphins are also frequently spotted in the area since the islands are close to their hunting grounds. Below we’ve listed the ten best dive sites in the Maldives as determined by our scuba diving experts. The crystal clear and warm waters of the Maldives are a good place to see manta rays, whale sharks and an incredible abundance of tropical fish. Baa Atoll - awarded UNESCO Reserve status in 2011 - has some of the Indian Ocean's best dives for beginner and advanced divers. If you are looking for cheap diving in Maldives though the decision gets a little easier to make. Calm seas, consistently warm water temperatures (26-29°C), and good visibility (20-30 metres) allow you to plan a dive vacation in the Southern Atolls all year round. The water is warm year around, the atmosphere is relaxed, shark and manta ray encounters are regular events and dive sites are diverse. If you're traveling on a budget, stay on a local inhabited island at a guesthouse or hotel that specializes in scuba diving. Grouped into two strings of 26 atolls with live coral reefs and sand bars spread over roughly 90,000 square kilometers, it’s one of the most unique countries and best scuba diving destinations in the world. Monsoon season starts from December and lasts to the end of May, which means the skies are blue and the wind is very mild. Scuba diving is done at a leisurely drift pace as the Indian Monsoon Current sweeps along … There’s no better way of exploring the Maldives than by venturing beneath the waves. The 26 atolls that make up the Maldives are a scuba diver's dream. Diving in the Maldives is an experience not too be missed. You may experience sudden rain showers, but … Drop Dive Maldives is an SSI Training Dive Center locate in Rasdhoo, Maldives that provides high quality teaching in a relaxed environment. The best time to dive the Maldives – when to dive in Fuvahmulah Diving is possible year round in Fuvahmulah. There really isn’t a bad time of year to dive in the Maldives but here is a guide of what you can expect from each season in the Maldives. Prodivers has been exploring the Maldives for 25 years, and offers diving and snorkelling courses and trips that promises to blow you away! It is composed of 1.190 Islands which are spread beautifully around more than 20 atolls. Get in touch with us today. If you’re looking for a cheap scuba dive holiday in Maldives, the best way to scuba dive Maldives on a budget is to stay on a local island in a guesthouse or small hotel that specialises in scuba diving, with accommodation starting from USD$50 per night. Here are our picks for the best scuba diving in the Maldives. Set on a pristine island blessed with tropical beauty in North Malé Atoll, Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa Maldives is an adults-only retreat that … Due to the nature of the depth and sometimes challenging dive sites, most dive centres insist on a minimum of around 40 logged dives to make the most of this dive pack, or you may pay for a guide locally. You'll save a bundle on accommodations but be taken to the same dive sites as resort guests. So, here you go, the biggest selection of liveaboard diving around the Maldives, tested and chosen by passionate dive geeks. 1. The stunning local island of Fulidhoo offers amazing Looking for a Scuba Diving Liveaboard in The Maldives? Many of Addu’s best dive sites are easily reached from the resort, including Shark Point, Manta Point, and the largest wreck dive in the Maldives, the British Loyalty. When is the best time to dive the north Maldives? There are five out of the seven marine Turtle Species found in the Maldives. Or, if you’re feeling lazy, opt for guided or unguided exploration of the impressive house reef, by day or night. Maldives Southern Atolls Diving Season. Scuba Diving Maldives: the Maldives is a tropical island nation in the heart of the Indian Ocean, with more than 1,190 small, coral islands stretching over approximately 2000 kilometers. With 26 individual atolls, vast cobalt-blue lagoons and idyllic tropical islands with fringing coral reefs – the Maldives is a diver’s paradise. Dive into absolute serenity. Best Time to Dive Maldives. Best local island for scuba diving in Maldives. Euro-Divers Maldives offer scuba diving activities in some of the best scuba diving resorts in Maldives as well as water sport activities at selected resorts.. Euro-Divers maintains several dive centres here.In fact, we started it operations more than 40 years ago near Male, the capital. This is the time when nature brings some nurturing gifts and sea life gets more active. But there are also very good dive sites in the lagoon for beginner divers too. But which are the best atolls for diving and marine life? A great option for diving is through a liveaboard and, with so many options out there, you're probably trying to figure out what's the best Maldives liveaboard to pick for your next holiday. We put our Maldives Dive Geeks to the test: Dive, review and find the best liveaboard in the Maldives. Best time of year to dive in the Maldives 28 Oct 2019. Jan - April (northeast monsoon) are the ideal months to visit the Maldives for the best scuba diving, with it getting less windy as you approach April. Some of the world’s best scuba diving can be found in the Maldives. Scuba diving in the Maldives means diving at one of the worlds best scuba diving destinations, because of the white sand beaches, coral reefs, clear warm waters, dive sites and a thriving and vibrant marine life. Diving Resorts in Maldives: Find 80288 traveller reviews, candid photos, and the top ranked Diving Resorts in Maldives on Tripadvisor. Entry level divers can find offerings around Male, even though currents can be strong. The Maldives is great for year-round diving, despite the seasonal weather patterns becoming less and less predictable throughout the islands. Awaiting underwater are everything from whale sharks to vibrant coral reefs and spectacular night dives. With 26 geographical atolls and more than 1,200 islands, many of which are surrounded by reefs that teem with brightly colored fish, and other […] Whale-shark snorkels Dive Centre. 10 Best Maldives Liveaboard Trips. This relies on you diving with a buddy, unguided. Scuba diving in the Maldives means diving at one of the worlds best scuba diving destinations, because of the white sand beaches, coral reefs, clear warm waters, best dive sites and rich marine life.The Maldives consists of many small islands that are grouped in 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean. Explore excellent dive sites and a collection of underwater gardens. Divers can begin upcurrent from the canyon and drift into the deep blue water of Vaadhoo Kandu, sometime among eagle rays, napoleon and sharks, before gliding into the narrow canyon at 20 meters. The best time to book your scuba diving Maldives vacation is from November to May. However, most people agree that diving between November and April is the best season for diving because of the chances of oceanic manta rays, whale sharks, thresher sharks and hammerheads. The Anastasia is a magnificent cruise yacht designed for the ultimate liveaboard safari experience in the Maldives. Water temperatures are comfortable year-round in the north Maldives and average between 80 and 86 F (27 and 30 C). Maaya Thila, South Ari Atoll "MY Anastasia - the best and cheapest way to dive in Maldives. 10 Best Scuba Diving Liveaboards in Maldives The Maldives is an amazing paradise that is right here on earth, located deep in the Indian Ocean. While it’s possible to dive many of these sites individually while staying in a land-based resort, the best way to dive all the best sites in the Maldives is with a liveaboard. Planning a scuba diving holiday in the Maldives and want to know when to go? The best location for big pelagic fishes is called the Ari Atoll and most of the liveaboards visit it. Situated in the Indian Ocean far off the coast of India, the Maldives is a South Asian archipelago that is made up of 1,190 coral islands. 960 733 3283. With more than a thousand islands making this archipelago a paradise, it is assumed that the individual scuba diving sites would probably be in the thousands too. Prodivers first opened their doors on Kuredu Resort & Spa back in 1988, and have now grown into the largest dive operator in the Maldives. With so many islands to choose from it is hard to make a decision where to go on your trip to Maldives. Considered as one of the best dive sites in Male, Kandooma Thila consists of a 300m long teardrop shaped pinnacle, with incredible scenery and stunning marine life. Famous for having the best waters in the world, Maldives is, without a doubt, the best place on earth to go scuba diving. North Male Atoll is the best known and explored dive area in the Maldives, long recognized as a world-class manta and reef shark destination with many longstanding, beloved dive sites of pinnacles, wrecks, coral gardens, and cleaning stations. Read on to discover where to snorkel and dive in the Maldives, and find out the best time to visit the Maldives. July, 2019. Dive resorts in the Maldives are an excellent option for budding and experienced underwater photographers due to the sheer beauty and varied colours of the marine-life. Further, the Maldives is one of the world’s only dive destinations where a liveaboard boat is likely to be more affordable than a land-based stay. Diving in the Maldives is an experience not too be missed. You’ll discover an incredible world of colourful marine life and vibrant coral reefs in crystal-clear water, which averages a comfortable 29 ºC throughout the year. Most of the dives are drift dives, making it more suitable for experienced divers. Maldives has some wonderful sites for scuba diving. The west point of this Thila is known as Jack Corner and is perfect to explore when the current in outgoing.

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